Exhaust Pipe Clamps

Exhaust pipe clamp

If you are looking for exhaust pipe clamps, we can custom fabricate them for you. These clamps pictured above fit most Freightliner and Peterbilt trucks.  We custom-make them from stainless steel and back them with a warranty, order yours today!

Exhaust Pipe Clamps and More

Of course, we can fabricate a lot more than just exhaust clamps. Over the years we have fabricated fuel straps, fuel tank brackets, mufflers, and much more. Anything you need to be made, we can do it. Our in-house designer can draw up the plans to fit exactly your specifications. In addition, our talented welders can create the perfect part to fit your needs.


We have been producing and fabricating parts for over 30 years. We have built customer parts for a variety of industries such as the automotive, aerospace, trucking, and many more. First, we choose the exact material you need for the part. Then we will cut the parts to the size needed. Next we form the pieces by bending, stamping or pressing where needed.

The next step is to weld the parts followed by surface treatment. Finally, assembly and inspection are done to finish out the part. If needed, packaging and shipping would be the final step.

Custom Creek can handle any size job.  Contact us today for more information on all our fabrication services.

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