Custom Fuel Tank Straps and Brackets

Custom Fuel Tank Straps and BracketsAt Custom Creek Fabrication, we can make the exact strap or bracket you need for the fuel tank on your truck or equipment. From International to Freightliner, we can make the necessary parts to get your truck back on the road.

Fuel Tank Straps

A fuel tank strap is a very important part of the truck’s design. It will help provide securement, safety, protection, weight distribution, and compliance.


They hold the fuel tank firmly in place underneath the vehicle. This is vital for ensuring that the tank remains in its intended position, even when the vehicle is in motion or encounters bumps and vibrations on the road. Without secure straps, the tank could potentially dislodge, leading to fuel leaks, damage to the tank, or even accidents.


Properly secured fuel tanks prevent fuel spillage in the event of a collision. In accidents, fuel tanks are at risk of rupturing, which can lead to fires and explosions. Straps help minimize this risk by keeping the tank in place, reducing the likelihood of it being damaged or punctured.


Fuel tanks are vulnerable to damage from road debris, corrosion from exposure to the elements, and impacts from objects on the road. Straps provide an additional layer of protection by keeping the tank elevated and away from potential hazards on the road surface.

Weight Distribution

Fuel tanks can be heavy, especially when filled with fuel. Straps help distribute the weight of the tank evenly, preventing excessive stress on any one area of the tank or the vehicle’s frame. This helps maintain the structural integrity of both the tank and the vehicle.

Compliance and Regulation

Many regulatory bodies have specific requirements regarding the securement of fuel tanks in vehicles, especially for commercial vehicles. Properly installed and maintained fuel tank straps ensure that vehicles meet these regulations, avoiding potential fines or penalties.

Whether you need a fuel tank strap, bracket, step, or any other custom-fabricated part, Custom Creek Fabrication can make it for you! Contact us today for your quote!



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