Brake Forming

Brake Forming

Brake forming is a manufacturing process used to bend or deform sheet metal or plate material. It involves the use of a press brake machine, which applies force to a workpiece, causing it to bend at a predetermined angle. The process of brake forming involves using a press brake machine to bend or deform sheet metal or plate material. Here’s a more detailed explanation of the steps involved in the brake-forming process.

Material Selection:

Choose the appropriate sheet metal or plate material based on the requirements of the final product.

Tooling Selection:

Select the appropriate tooling for the press brake based on the desired bend angle, material thickness, and the complexity of the bend.

Machine Setup:

Set up the press brake machine by installing the selected tooling and adjusting the machine settings, including the bending force and back gauge position.

Material Preparation:

Cut the sheet metal or plate material to the required size using tools such as shears or other cutting equipment.

Tooling Alignment:

Align the sheet metal or plate material with the tooling on the press brake to ensure accurate and precise bending.


The press brake machine exerts force on the material, causing it to bend along the predetermined line. The material is positioned between the upper and lower tooling, and the press brake’s ram descends to create the bend.

Back Gauge Control:

The back gauge, a mechanical or CNC-controlled device, holds the material in place and controls its position during bending to ensure consistent bends across multiple parts.

Multiple Bends (if needed):

For complex shapes or parts with multiple bends, the material may need to be repositioned and bent multiple times.

Quality Control:

Inspect the formed part for accuracy, dimensional precision, and any defects. Adjustments to the machine or tooling may be made if necessary.

Unloading the Formed Part:

Once the bending process is complete and the part has passed quality control, remove the formed part from the press brake.

The brake forming process is widely used in manufacturing for producing various components with precise and repeatable bends. It is suitable for a range of industries, including metal fabrication, automotive, aerospace, and more. The versatility of the press brake makes it a valuable tool for creating diverse shapes and configurations in sheet metal and plate materials. Brake forming is just one of our services, contact us today!

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